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New England, USA Based Metal band Tidal Fall was founded in 2020 by Chathai Khammol...

New England, USA Based Metal band Tidal Fall was founded in 2020 by guitarist/songwriter Chathai Khammol. Armed with a passion for writing and love of metal, Chathai set out to create exciting songs that best express his array of musical tastes, along with a vision to create something special listeners could relate to. In order to complete the sonic journey, he put together what would end up being a cast of highly talented artists from all over the world of metal, to reach the next level of production.

The self-titled debut album released on January 22nd, 2021, includes guest appearances from such acts as EvergreyDarkest HourNightrage, and more. Singer/songwriters Jimmie Strimell, Trey Holton, and James Evans contribute the duties of vocals, from gut-wrenching screams to heartfelt clean melodies. Drums performed by Wesley Bourque across all tracks. Album produced by Benjamin Jon of Stillwork.


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Tidal Fall - Redemption Official Lyric Video

"The lyrics found in the Redemption video were taken directly from the original sketches of singer/songwriter Trey Holton. This is a deeply personal song, and I wanted to further portray that by using Trey's hand-written words. I think it brings an extra element of humanity to the video. Jon Kita did an amazing job with the visuals, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!" - Chathai (Tidal Fall)

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